flora lake | solstice weekend pt. 2


after a full saturday at Echo Lake of sun + fun, it was time to do it all over again. the weather wanted to switch it up however, and GUSTY (all caps intended) and blustery. we had planned to spend the day with my father-in-law climbing, but with the weather acting up we all went for a hike to one of Steve’s favorite spot.

after meeting up donner summit at the parking lot below School of Rock, we started on our usual trail and broke off onto the Pacific Crest Trail to head towards Flora Lake. we quickly escaped the wind, and enjoyed a slight breeze, a complement to the warm sunshine. we passed so many wild flowers, and lush ferns where the alpine lilies should be soon.

Flora Lake is another easy adventure and has a great view of Castle Peak to the north. The PCT has a few switch backs making it a gradual elevation change, and then you quickly join another trail that splits off towards the Flora Lake, after you see Lake Angela.

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