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Outside Somewhere is the stories, images, and doodles of Amanda Tennant, a designer by trade that is learning to find herself elsewhere, or somewhere.

This is journey in understanding what truly makes oneself happy, passionate, and this blog will be proof that inspiration is found outside your comfort zone. I would like to say that this place will be about skiing, climbing, summits, road trips, dirt bagging, and tick list items, but it’s also going to include the scrapes and emotional bruises that come with daily life. So if you will… double back, buckle up, and enjoy.

Curious how Amanda got here?
It’s a long story, but here are a few cliff notes:

  • She quit her job, fingers crossed, that their was another opportunity
  • Moved to Truckee, Calif. in October of 2010
  • It started snowing the day she arrived and didn’t stop until the middle of June
  • Went to Tuolumne for the first time in August of 2010

To be continued…

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