saying goodbye

//  this post is sentimental, but it’s a reminder that life is an adventure and each event and person that come across can be a catalyst to “get outside” of yourself //

as the month of june came to a close, my parents and I also closed a chapter in our life; closing escrow on the Johnson House. roughly nine years ago, while I attended California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo (Cal Poly), my parent’s purchased a second home that I lived in while I finished school and began my professional career.

the house in my mind is a “things happen for a reason” situation, it’s how I bet met one friend I can’t imagine not being in my life, and thank you weird world of craigslist for bringing us together.

that house has so many silly memories wrapped up inside of it, and even better roommates. I can only think of the ridiculous parties we had like, house wives + tennis pros, and the blow-up pool that took over the yard the year that summer was unbearable. there was the evening that we played corn hole in the garage on graduation weekend, and one person threw a bean bag that smashed through the window. we had so many days that we walked the few blocks to play disc golf in the summer, or down the street to the house all the guys lived in. all those things make me giggle thinking about them, but the most important memory is that night i sat at the kitchen table and had a conversation that changed my life sitting across from a cute boy, and friend, as we chatted while he was wearing my sunglasses indoors and at night.

I could go on forever, and tell way to many stories, but what matters is… I loved that house. my parents struggled with it because it had it’s challenges, but I am so grateful for how it all worked out. I am glad their burden is now gone, but that I have my memories. I learned about friendships, what they mean to me, and grew as a person in that house.

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