break out the tissues

this short film has been floating around the last few days, and went viral, as it should. it hit home today, not knowing exactly what it was about, only that it was about a man + his dog. it’s beautiful.

this morning I went with hubs over to see Abigaile, the family dog, at his Mom + Step Dad’s house. Abby a sweet golden retriever and lab mix, hasn’t been doing well over the last few weeks in her old age. slowing down is something we all fear, and sadly it struck her hard over the weekend. we had visited with her over the weekend, but after a text last night, it was a must to visit again this morning. she was tired and it was time. watching the hubs say hello/goodbye was so painful. it’s not fun to see him that sad. Abby is his buddy. they went on my adventures, and even bagged a few peaks together. she crushed it, and usually kicked his butt by reaching the summit first. I know hubs (and the family + myself) will miss her terribly, and I am hopeful that Bogie, our dachshund, can give him extra kisses + snuggles today since he is lucky enough to go to work everyday too.

today makes me remember that someday we will have to do the same thing. I try not to think about it. I joke that Bogie will live until 20+, and that would put at us at 42. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? I hope it happens. the biggest take away: enjoy the time, cherish it, live it.


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