the beginning


ok, so you are here… and I am here. this concept is new to me, but not unknown either. sure everyone can write, and vent. it just happens in their own way. that being said, you might have to read between the lines sometimes. my stories tend to wander. they aren’t always direct and most importantly, I make things “pretty,” which means my spelling a grammer might not be perfect. if you can get beyond that, then let’s go!

this personal project is fueled by the fact that I am not perfect. I wish I had more of a grasp on who I am at this time, but currently I am still finding myself. truth is “sometimes you have to get lost, to be found.” it’s pretty spot on. I got lost, when I moved to Truckee in 2009 I had a game plan, I was ready for many new adventures. I spent the first few weeks climbing, and exploring ( it took me a month to get a job ), and then waited for the snow to fly. I wanted to enjoy the mountain life, and most importantly I gave I gave up the concept of being a well known designer, and wanting to “make it!”  That idea had been so engrained in my brain during college, and stuck with me from studio to agency. I do have to say that idea didn’t come from a particular person, more from myself, it came from admiring designers + illustrators + letters in my industry. I watched people (and still do) roughly my age come out of nowhere on the design scene. I just wanted that. it didn’t look hard, and it appeared that their fame came from luck. I became fixated on it, my salary, and then I was finally frustrated that somebody could just get lucky, and i wanted to ignore it all. so I decided to get lost, and follow my heart towards love.

(ummm… there is a lot that went on from 2009 – 2015, but that will trickle out later)

that brings us here, a few months shy of six years later, I am back in that place. I arrived here after falling off the boat, and salivating over fancy invites, and letters, and wishing that I had 100k followers and a bazillion likes. I got lost in it. I drifted back to the shinny design blogs, and slipped into the wedding scene. I dipped my toe into the “oooo you make amazing things” pool. I drank the koolaide. I worked my full-time job in Reno, and worked my part-time-full-time growing business, Forever Heyday, by early morning, evening, and weekend. I stopped having free-time, me-time, or anytime at all. I stopped working out. I wasn’t stopped to smell the fresh mountain air, and most of all I wasn’t getting outside!

so it’s time to step back, refuel, and find so friggn’ balance. the goal is not be an extremest when it comes to work, keep it fun + challenging, but also remember to enjoy what made me get lost the first time… love and adventure. I promise to talk about work less, because this space isn’t actually about work, but a place for me to share the places we go, the weiner’s life, and all bumps, scrapes and bruises in between. I will preface you with that I am novice climber, a decent skier, a dreamer (ooo… clouds!), a pretty good cook, and I long for adventure by just getting in the car and going, but most of all, I am an awesome doodler that is ready to be outside somewhere.

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