feeling alive


Plain and simple.
Do what you do and do it well.
No matter what.
Life is too short to allow yourself to live any other way.
Stop comparing.
Stop looking for approval.
You know the path and where you want to go.
So, just go.
Go without fear.
Go with passion.
Go because it will make you feel alive.

// quote from Megan Gilger of The Fresh Exchange //

It’s now been about a month now since I decided to “just go” and create this place. This place is for me, for you, for everyone, or nobone other than me. I ramble, and tell stories and share what I am up too, and THAT makes me happy!

I joke with my friends that I am writing an average person’s adventure blog. I say that, because I am not in the shape I want to be, I am still learning the ins-and-outs of climbing, and real pow-days scare me. However, I realized on Monday ( on that swing you see above ) … I am not average, my adventures are not mediocre, my adventures make me feel alive and THAT is what counts. Plus I can always work towards everything I want to accomplish!

Having this place to share has pushed me to get out more, and it has been exactly the catalyst I had needed. I had built up my brand so well on the internet + social. I had reached that point, that my feed became about the brand, and not me. I lost myself, and couldn’t share who I was. So, I pressed the PAUSE button for a while. I haven’t lost what once was, but I got lost enough that I found myself. I have explored more, climbed more, hiked more, and enjoyed life more in the last 3 weeks than I did last year. That matters, and this is where I want to go, and I am passionate about it. Now to create some new designs for me, and maybe I will share them one day.

Until then I am working with Paige on planning our three-day-girls-only backpacking trip.