girl crush

So, my Truckee family (yes… don’t worry hubs knows too.. LOVE YOU) knows I have a bit of a girl crush on Emily Harrington. During the Winter a great shop, Aplenglow Sports + lots of amazing locals, put together a slide show series in Squaw Valley. We saw Harrington speak two years ago for the first time, and again this last winter. I was stoked to see a women in the line-up of speakers, and once Harrington spoke about climbing + adventure + “suffering” I was pretty much in awe. I know I will never accomplish climbs like the one here, part of her #passionproject, but it’s videos like these that make we want to strive to better.

Please take the 15+ minutes to watch this video. It’s rad to see how hard someone can work at one goal, be soooo upset and push through. Makes me realize I need to suck it up more often, and just do it. Enjoy!

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