same view, but different


A few short personal thoughts.

We all have routines. Things we see everyday. Like my view above. Things we do. Goals we want to achieve, which is usually followed by, “I will start tomorrow.” I finally stopped telling myself tomorrow, today.

I said no. I said no to the Cookie Monster jar. I said no to the Oreo cookie. It seems really stupid, and this post doesn’t really have to with the workout plan, or the discipline, I intend to follow moving forward (that I put off all Summer), but that idea that you have to start somewhere, and why not make it now! I do better with goals; hence the tick list. This is also a good reminder that I really need to start sketching again!

This is me saying it out loud, which makes it concrete, and something I can hold myself accountable for; I want to climb harder, get better, go more back packing trips, bag 14ers and be an all around awesome outdoor women. I don’t want to be these things for others, but I want them for myself. I climb as hard now, as I did back in Summer of 2012 and 2013, when I was in the best shape since high school. My motivation at the time was getting married, and putting on a pretty white dress. The hard work payed-off, but somewhere last fall I really lost the motivation. I got lazy. I was still climbing well, and even this summer I climbed well. However, I knew if I did more I would be better, but I always said tomorrow. I wish I could tell you why I continued to settle for tomorrow.

However, I can tell you what woke me up. My sweet 85 yr. old grandmother. We took her camping in Yosemite Valley this past weekend. As we looked up at the big walls, Chris would point out climbs, and she would ask if we had climbed that. His reply was “maybe someday” each time, and towards the end of the trip, she finally said, “don’t wait to long for someday.” So… guess what I am not waiting for tomorrow anymore! My first goal is to get in shape again. Be able to do a real pull-up by my 30th birthday. Stop dreaming of some rad girls club to invite me on a trip, and create my own. Bag at least one 14er next summer. Cleanly make it up Pea Soup. That’s a good starting point.

I feel like this summer helped me be happy with my choices. I am starting to realize I didn’t fail. I learned from my experiences. I was able to establish what I am passionate about, and now it’s time to work a little bit harder. The work is never done, and everything is a process. You just can’t ever give up! Slacking isn’t an option if you have dreams!

I am not telling you what my ultimate goal is, and the truth there is no end all or a number associated. I will know when I feel good, and when I get there. Onward to the next adventure.