Intentions: 2016

You can reflect back, but always move forward.

It got quite around here due to the switch in seasons. We stored our climbing gear (for like a hot second), dusted off, and waxed up the skis! It’s been an amazing start to the ski season. Santa dropped off the best gift of all; the best POW day in years, and with a little hustle, we spent Christmas morning on the first chair of Disney at Sugar Bowl Ski Resort!

This year is already looking great, as of January 1 the Hubs and I already more days of skiing then all of the previous season, and currently we are at 12 days. It may not sound like a lot, but for having a day job, that number isn’t looking to bad!

So, for the real reason for this post. I’m over the resolution thing, because they tend to be negative (lost weight, drink less, etc.) or “firm” (like it has to be done immediately) with no wiggle room. Truth is life is life, nobody is perfect and if you make your resolutions to difficult they are unattainable, and they tend to last you 3 – 4 weeks. Resolutions become a checklist, if you complete one, mark it off… where does that get you in life? Shouldn’t your goals be part of your lifestyle?

I want to shift the way I work towards something, so this year is comprised of intentions, and not resolutions. Intention is a way of thinking.┬áIt leaves no room for a failed outcome. Every thoughtful action is a step in the right direction. It will be a year of paying attention to the purpose behind what and why I do something. It’s won’t be a year focused on checking off boxes. It will be a year of building towards being a better me, and being happy with all of my choices.

Focus on Personal Care.

It’s the little things, that become a big boost of confidence and make me feel better. Endorphins make you happy. Practice yoga more often for flexibility, and use it for time to let go. Get up earlier to style my hair. Quit being lazy, and really brush my teeth every night. Use more lotion during the dry winter months. Most importantly just work on things that make me more mentally and physically happy.

Give Zero F*cks.

Let things go. Work on not dwelling on the negative. Don’t care about if somebody is better than me; stronger, climbs 12b, gets more likes, gets to spend more time outside or has the career that I wish I had. Share what I want, do what I want, post what I want. Most importantly, be myself, and be damn proud of it!

Find Balance: Being Outdoors vs Being Creative.

In 2015 this was my biggest failure, and success. I took on “side” work that I enjoyed. They were projects that made me proud, and I was excited about, but I still felt a bit lost. It wasn’t exactly what I wanted to do. I want to create work for myself that allows my passions to intersect; being outdoors and design + printing. I know there our people out there that would appreciate my work, but I really just want to create things for me, and if others like them that’s an added bonus.