State of Mind

I told myself to “switch things up, flip it all upside down,” so that’s what I did; for the month of January.

I didn’t make an goals. I made changes. 

  1. Eat Plant Based
  2. Practice Yoga
  3. Read Often
  4. No “Drinks”

Ok, so it wasn’t all upside down, but damn it felt like it. Ugh, that sounded so basic. The experience was wobbly, yet exciting, and exhausting in the end. I can hear you already… umm, you made goals. Negative my friend, they are all sticking, it’s not like I crossed the finish line and I crumpled to the floor, so changes! Well, some in moderation. Oh, and don’t worry, I will go back to outdoors-y things after this. For the time being, if you are interested in highly non-scientific-personal experiment, please continue at your own risk – or skip to the end to read the results of all my party tricks.


This felt like a trendy as fuck transition . Did you know the demand for vegan products has spiked 140%… that’s nuts, hahaha, pun intended. BUT, to be clear we (hubs and myself) were more in for the Whole Food Plant Based persuasion, not just vegan. Although similar, it differs. Look it up, it’s easier than me explaining specifics. I will tip my hat to my brother/sister-in-law, because they had been at this for a while now – thanks for the inspirado!

Results: I like it! #winning and I might want a juicer now.

I have appreciated the challenges in cooking within these boundaries. In the past month, I think our meals have been more creative; chickpea “egg salad” sandwiches, lentil falafel, creamy mushroom cashew pasta bake, etc. If you are interested, I PIN a lot of the recipes that I use as spring boards.

There have been lots of positives! Bread isn’t a scary carb. Sprouts should be on EVERYTHING, PS – I need a “sprouter.” Pizza is still amazing without cheese, and Pistachios are the new crack. I won’t lie to you I miss a perfectly poached egg, and avoiding the fancy cheese plate, give me ALL the Manchego, at the work parties has been rough. However, I kept strong, and will continue on this path. There will be an occasional splurge built in, cough-cough my birthday is in February, and I am not mad about it. I feel great, and my climbing harness fits WAY better, so again, plants for the win!


Last November, I started going to “sunrise” yoga at our climbing gym. What up Mesa Rim. It starts at 6:30 am, and I have to leave our house by 5:50 am to get there. At first it took some major dedication! Overtime though, I got pretty used to it. I pushed pause around the holidays, but promised myself that no matter what, I would pick it up again… in January, and I did.

I went to yoga 2x per week for the whole month! Insert happy dance here. Super proud of myself, considering one of those days, it puked snow at our house, we had to to up at 5:15 am and completely snowblow/clear cars + the driveway to leave in time. See… DEDICATION! 

Things I have learned; I can still do bridge pose or wheel? Whatever it is. My right hip-flexer is really tight and needs so attention, BUT, after a month I can keep my feet flat, heels down wooo, in downward dog!

Oh, and I really really like this new practice, it helps the class is on the small side! I am seeing a theme here.

R – E – A – D

THIS. I couldn’t tell you the last time I finished a book.

I have started plenty of books. I planned to finish  them, but yeah. I even started a book last August, yes August, I promise I tried. Let’s just say it is easier to zone out and watch Bob’s Burgers in the evening after work, than sit in silence attempt to read. So, when January rolled around, I put that book that I was 46 pages in on my night stand. It stared me down every night before bed. I avoided it for a while, but in the end… it worked. I chipped away at it. Did I mention that I read at a snails pace? On day 20, I powered through the last chapter of Sixty Meters to Anywhere (maybe not the best choice when you have already given up alcohol). That day  I immediately got to work on my next project. 7 days later, I retired Unbound by Steph Jagger. I had the biggest smile when I finished that book, because A. it’s awesome, like truly awesome – book report coming soon, and B. I just read a book in a week! Enough said, but let’s see if I can find something that can keep my attention.

A major upside: this has been a great change to the evening routine. No screen time before bed has also made a huge difference. For me, not sure about hubs, it has been easier to fall asleep! I never liked TV before bed, most of the time I loath that there IS a television in our bedroom.

Currently Reading: The Alchemist


Wait, Dry January is a thing?

I was on a band wagon the whole time, shit. I don’t think this needs a lot of explanation. The holidays were draining.

I had taken a few weeks off from drinking in November, two to be exact. So, on December 29, I committed myself to taking a break. I hadn’t even survived New Years Eve at that point, gasp!

I credit my reading accomplishments from above, mostly, to not drinking. Although the best achievement; sleeping through most nights, and not having to wake up to pee in the middle of the night! I worked out 5 days a week… in the morning, starting before the sun was up. Money was saved, and all that good stuff.

I like the outcome, but I miss watching Top Chef with hubs, some vino, and relaxing. I’ll see you soon Pinot Noir, but only on weekends. YUP, not staying on the “dry” plan, but at least only allowing a glass, or two… ok maybe share a bottle, don’t judge, on weekend nights.



So, put-it-TOGETHER-and-what-have-you-got…

A healthier, happier, more fit – literally 14 lbs. lighter, and slightly more flexible Amanda. I worked out often, yoga 2x, a little running and usually HITT 2-3x a week plus skiing or something!

It all felt a bit trendy, and “new year” related, but whatever! There were some lows. I was a bit more annoyed at times, although my “hangry” side never surfaced. I also thought that over the month I was going to convince hubs to like my disfuser… yeah NOPE. Many a conversation about STEAM vs SMOKE, ugh. However, in the end, I am pretty stoked about January. Nothing was perfect, but I excited to see how these new practices will push me towards going after a few adventures I want to plan for the year!

So, onward thanks for reading if you made it to the end, and let me know if you did anything a little NUTS to start of 2018. Prost!